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SESSION THEME | National Visions

Transforming the Resource Management System 

Thursday 2 April

The Government is undertaking a comprehensive review of our resource management system, with the goal of improving intergenerational wellbeing by strengthening environmental protection and better enabling urban development outcomes within environmental limits. The review scope includes the Resource Management Act 1991 and its interaction other key infrastructure and development legalisation.

Amelia Linzey, member of the Resource Management Review Panel and Senior Technical Director of Planning at Beca, will discuss the Panel’s progress so far. Expect to hear about some of the key issues they are grappling, themes from recent feedback, and next steps in designing a future system that delivers better outcomes for our cities and communities.

Presenter:  Amelia Linzey

Senior Technical Director - Planning, Beca

Amelia Linzey is a planner and a member of the Resource Management Review Panel. She is Senior Technical Director of the planning team at engineering and planning consultancy Beca. Amelia has been a member of the Advisory Board for the New Zealand Sustainable Business Council and an editor for the New Zealand Planning Institute’s official journal. 

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