NZPI and Nelson's Local Conference Support Committee are proud to bring you a line-up of local and international speakers who are experts and leaders in their field.
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Within our four conference streams, we will address and consider how planners listen to the many voices and sets of values represented in our increasingly diverse communities throughout New Zealand. How we respect and respond to those multiple voices and values is essential in setting out a vision for the kind of society and environments we wish to plan for. The topic streams address the themes through presentations, panels and workshops that address vision of planning from a national to an individual level, values from how we use space, our natural environment values and social values, and voices from the Mātauranga Māori and health perspectives. Here are some of the key topics we'll be examining
Climate Change
The Challenges We Face 
Climate Framework - Taking Action
Placemaking & Identity
Participation & Strategic Placemaking
Exploring What We Need to Create Future Spaces
Local & National Vision
Resource Management System Reform 
Built Environment
Mātauranga Māori
Co-governance - What does the new piece of legislation need to incorporate/look like taking into account Te Tiriti o Waitangi?
Practical integration of Mātauranga - how do we ensure tikanga is framed and implemented to deliver the outcome we are after.
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