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SESSION THEME | Place-based Visions


The Quay to success

Thursday 2 April,  

The Downtown Programme in central Auckland will create a generous and welcoming destination that is recognisably Tāmaki Makaurau. It will become a space that strengthens people's connection with the Waitematā Harbour - a vibrant, transformed place for all to enjoy.

The programme is made up of strategic council projects that were accelerated with the aim of them being in place by 2021 when Auckland will host the 36th America's Cup, Asia-Pacific Economic Forum and Te Matatini, and is underpinned by the values of:

  • Mīharo (extraordinary)

  • Manaakitanga (welcoming)

  • Auckland to Tāmaki (authentic and beautiful)

The task was to design, consent and build one of the largest programme's of works the Auckland Council family has ever delivered in just two and a half years, in Auckland's busy city centre.

From the outset, the resource consents were identified as a key risk to delivery. A visionary and well thought through consenting strategy was required along with working in true collaboration with Mana Whenua, key stakeholders, regulatory authority and broader Council family allowing all voices to be heard.

Innovative approaches were taken to the overarching programme, consent strategy, engagement, obtaining 'non-notified' consents while enabling participation, Early Contractor Involvement, Development Response, traffic management and involvement of planners from different firms collaborating to deliver a tight programme in a complex consenting environment.

The outcome was a low number of submissions/issues raised, and the majority of the consents being granted within a 6 month timeframe - which is significant given the local stakeholder context. However, more importantly the innovation enabled a legacy to be left in terms of how we can be Mīharo in the way we work.

Presenter:  Haylee Minoprio

Principal Planner, Auckland Transport

Haylee is a Principal Planner in Auckland Transports Planning Integration Team. She was the Consenting Lead on the Downtown Programme of works and was responsible for managing planners and technical experts prepare and obtain the RMA statutory approvals required for the works.

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