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SESSION THEME | Vision of Planning


Character, instinct and values yes; but don't underestimate the attributes of Planners to make great leaders.

Thursday 2 April,  

Planners are inherently good business leaders. We think holistically, we are trained to consult widely, our decisions are effects based. Maybe we don't enjoy financial accounting, get impatient with rational thinkers and suffer every decision that may upset someone somewhere, but don't let that get in the way of the undeniable fact that our leadership rocks. Oh, and we're too modest as well.

This paper explores the perspective of Planners who have become business leaders, particularly those who are leading other professions. What attributes make Planners successful, but can also be barriers to enjoying the leadership challenge? How can Planners gain exposure and experience of business or commercial leadership when these things are not typically taught within our planning institutions? How can we translate our ethics based profession to a business leadership context?

Based on personal experience and the reflections of planning colleagues in business leadership roles, this paper will provide insight to those wishing to pursue  business leadership opportunities or develop their business leadership skills. But ultimately it celebrates and gives voice to the attributes that Planners can bring to leadership roles. Attributes that arguably are much needed in todays world of extreme views, hard lines and no compromises.

Presenter:  Glen Hughes

South Island Manager, Harrison Grierson

Glen has been a full member of NZPI for around 20 years and is an experienced business leader at local, regional and general management levels. His current roles are as an operational leader, independent director and elected trustee.

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