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SESSION THEME | Voices - te ao Māori


Iwi and council working in partnership on a complete unitary plan review

Thursday 2 April,  

Councils are increasingly engaged with iwi in planning processes to, meet obligations under the RMA and LGA and enable outcomes that Treaty settlement redress seeks to achieve. Iwi and local government seek to recognise the interests, values and customary rights of iwi in the sustainable management of natural and physical resources, including integration of mātauranga and tikanga in resource management plans.

In 2015, the eight iwi of Te Tauihu and Nelson City Council formed an Iwi Working Group (IWG) to enable iwi to help shape the development of the council's second-generation unitary plan. An initial review of the Regional Policy Statement enabled iwi to input on the vision for development and regional issues, then as the rest of the plan was developed, ongoing hui ensured that iwi voices were represented in plan development and that iwi values and aspirations are therefore represented in the plan. The iwi/council relationship was important and key to the project to enable brave conversations and shared learning of two worldviews and providing a trusted space of mutual respect for the sharing of values, interests, paradigms, worldviews, processes and systems, issues and recommendations.

This presentation will identify benefits for meaningful working relationships with iwi  and highlight outcomes for the practical expression of kaitiakitanga to ensure an integrated vision for iwi and the wider community. It will also cover lessons learnt and the takeaways for other practitioners operating in this space.

Presenters:  Mike Scott, Ian Shapcott & Anaru Stephens

Planning Adviser, Nelson City Council

Mike (MRP - 1st class hons) is a local government planner with a background in intercultural communication. In his role at Nelson City, he is the topic lead for iwi content, including heritage and papakāinga provisions in the plan, among other things. Picking up on the good work that came before him, he is also the Planning Team lead for iwi engagement on the draft Whakamahere Whakatū Nelson Plan - a second-generation combined (RPS, Regional and District) plan.

Member of  the Te Ātiawa Kaitiaki o te Taiao Team, Te Ātiawa Manawhenua Ki Te Tau Ihu Trust

Ian is a full member of NZPI based in Waitohi (Picton). He has had a multi-decade relationship/friendship with Te Waipounamu iwi and a deep friendship and long-term working relationship with Te Ātiawa o Te Waka-a-Māui. He is professionally blessed to be embedded with Māori and to be specializing in kaitiakitanga.

Chair of Te Huria Matenga Trust, Wakapuaka Taiapure Komiti and Te Tau Ihu MPI Forum

Anaru has been a Trustee of Ngāti Tama ki Te Waipounamu Trust since 2013.  He is an active kaitiaki for whānau, hapū and Iwi especially in Wakapuaka and Te Tau Ihu.  Anaru is actively engaged in council and crown projects for fisheries, aquaculture industry, freshwater management, cultural heritage and marae development.  He is the chair of Te Huria Matenga Trust, Wakapuaka Taiapure Komiti and Te Tau Ihu MPI Forum.

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