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SESSION THEME | Values - Inclusive spaces


Our communities have diversified and recreation has changed with it. Hear about the world beyond Rugby and Netball and how it affects our spaces and places.

Thursday 2 April, 

Diversification of recreation has come far from the years gone by of choosing whether to build more rugby fields or more netball courts. Our communities have diversified and their recreation needs have changed too. One of the 'megatrends' identified by the Australian Sport Commission was the notion of "Everybody's Game" - many are embracing sport in their old age and our continued growth into a multi-cultural nation also affects the type of recreation chosen. Emerging recreation trends like ParkRun, Esports, Pickleball, and EMountain Biking are providing new challenges for local governments who provide recreational spaces for their community. Balancing the diverse requests from communities and hearing from all is becoming increasingly difficult when planning for new or updated leisure facilities and spaces.

This presentation will focus on the demographic, generational and cultural changes to recreation in New Zealand and how this impacts the spaces and places where we recreate.

Presenters  Jenn Benden

Parks, Recreation Tourism Section Leader, Jacobs

Jenn is the Section Leader for Parks, Recreation and Tourism at Jacobs, leading the only parks-specific team in the country within a large consultancy.  She is a Board Director on World Urban Parks, Chair of the Canterbury Recreation Aotearoa Committee, and a member of the Parks Agencies Manager Group. Outside of work, Jenn is researching the phenomenon of esports and it's impact on community wellbeing. In her spare time, you will find her ice skating, running, or volunteering her time outside.

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