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SESSION THEME | Vision of Planning


A visual representation of planner, from past to future

Thursday 2 April,  

A planner is many things.  And there are many different types of planners.  But what makes a visionary planner in today's climate and what does that actually mean and look like in reality?  This lighthearted and thought provoking presentation takes you on a visual journey through time of a planner.... from what the first planners looked like, to how planners are perceived today, to what a planner of the future is expected to be.  It highlights the changes that have occurred in the profession, particularly the changing demands and skillsets of the role.    This visual presentation takes a humorous cartoon view of the serious pressures and requirements placed particularly on local authority policy planners to deliver a third generation plan.  It will question the title of the 'planner' and challenge the way the profession is viewed, from all angles.  It will serve as a good reminder of why we all became planners and will include some subtle recognitions of our planning super powers, along with our planning kryptonite. It will conclude with the visual representation of the 'perfect planner', cape and all.

Presenter:  Jacqui Hewson

Policy Advisor, Nelson City Council

Jacqui Hewson is a Planning Advisor for Nelson City Council with over 10 years of experience in UK and New Zealand local government and private consultancy.  A Geography graduate, for her there is some truth to the joke that geography students always have their coloured pencils at the ready. Her love of art and design creeps into every aspect of her life, including planning.

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