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Wednesday 1 April,  

The impact of the two forces of climate change and urbanisation is evidently altering the political ecosystem of the Pacific and in turn New Zealand. New Zealand, with its reign countries of Niue, Cooks and Tokelau provide a wider definition of a New Zealander. Yet it is often these voices that remain silent in the debate as their Islands provide a canary in the coal mine scenario to Pacific climate change risk that will be impact upon New Zealand.

Without planning, or future proofing infrastructure to mitigate against climate change, the impacts are stark. Yet, the reality of wanting to implement climate resilient projects is often divergent from the reality of publicly available funds and a public understanding of these projects - which often fail to move beyond simple hackneyed engagement. The result is often inappropriately conceived infrastructure programmes. How do we bridge this gap? We need to begin by exploring a people-centred approach to infrastructure through grassroots and culturally appropriate engagement - which reflects the demographic changes of an increasingly Pasifika New Zealand.

The paper will explore elements of urbanisation in relation to climate change and the nuances of this in the Pacific - both the physicality but also in the social make up and where intervention should lay - through a top down engineered option or through an adaptive bottom up approach.  Based on project experience both globally and in the Pacific, the paper questions the likelihood of using a people-centred approach to drive the Vision for NZ towns and cities.

Presenter:  David Crosbie

Social and Urban Specialist, Jacobs

David is a social and urban development specialist with 18 years' of international experience gained from over 30 countries, advising multilateral development banks (IFC, World Bank, ADB, Caribbean Development Bank, EIB, EBRD), Governments, the United Nations and the private sector on social, poverty, indigenous, land and gender issues. 

Currently David is with Jacobs engineering addressing fragile situations and resilience for atoll communities and small island developing states.


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