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Cultural and ecological models were designed to identify shared cultural and community values. These models inform lake management actions multiple uses and shared outcomes.

Wednesday 1 April,  

Lake models were created to identify bi-cultural concepts, models and measures to test the effects of lake water quality management options. These experimental models help to address research gaps for freshwater management and lake monitoring in Aotearoa from a cultural perspective. This empirical freshwater research generates exploratory pathways that reflect treaty-partner values, goals and governance arrangements for Lake Rotorua.

  1. The Waikōura framework is a cultural concept model describing water related values from mātauranga

  2. and scientific perspectives. This framework identifies the physical, chemical and biological factors that link Te Arawa cultural values to current water quality scientific values for lake Rotorua.

  3. The Eco-Cultural Systems Model (ECLS) adopts an interdisciplinary systems approach that employs ecological, health and economic methods to specify and explore the multi-dimensional impacts of water quality interventions on lake health (mauri).

  4. Both models are used to develop quantifiable lake health outcome measures. These outcome measures are: Koura CPUE (catch-per-unit-effort), as a cultural indicator of mahinga kai abundance, and lake trophic level index (TLI), as an environmental indicator for mauri and lake health state.

  5. ECLS statistical model results show wetlands and land use change were better cultural options for water quality improvement compared to alum dosing or multi-use options.

  6. Results from ECLS modelling were reconciled with the Waikōura Framework to ensure a holistic and balanced view of health for lake Rotorua.

The research provides a culturally grounded, environmentally accurate and economically focused lake management regime to ensure the multiple uses for Lake Rotorua are sustainably managed.

Presenter:  Mereana Wilson-Rooy

Principal Advisor Policy & Strategy, QEII National Trust

My experience in leading policy and project management actions implementing freshwater policy reforms and scientific evidence for the 2014 National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management. I currently have a strategic role protecting open space values and legal protection of biodiversity at QEII National Trust under our legislative functions with the 1977 QEII Act.

Working with iwi and others to lead, design, implement and create sustainable environment programs is what interests me most.


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