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Emerging Planners Congress 


Tuesday 31st March,  

An interactive session with emerging planners at the Emerging Planners Congress.

Setting the scene:

  1. The setting out what urban design is and whether it is not and how it can achieve good urban outcomes for our towns and cities

  2. Understanding the knowledge of the emerging planners about UD – how much they know, gaps in knowledge – question and answer session & discussion

  3. Gaining an understanding what you may need an urban designer in the plan making or resource consent process.

Understand the role of urban design can play in the plan making and consent process (pre and post application), particularly if you don’t have access to an urban designer: including:

  1. The need to get the right urban design tools/provision in your plan in the first place

  2. The role of the urban designer and planner at each stage of the plan making and consent process

  3. The value case for good design – what can it add to a development

  4. Explaining urban design concepts simply to applicants

  5. How far is too far

Presenters:  Dr Lee Beattie & Ian Munro

Deputy Head of the School of Architecture and Planning, University of Auckland and the Urban Design Forum

Dr Lee Beattie MNZPI.   Lee is a practicing urban designer and urban planner with over 25 years' professional experience. Lee is Director of the University of Auckland's Master of Urban Design Programme and specialises in urban design and urban planning policy implementation and evaluation and growth management issues. He is a rotating Chair of the Auckland Council's Urban Design Panel, an Auckland Council and Queenstown Lakes Independent Hearing Commissioner and Secretary of the UDF.

Director, Sole Trader

Ian is an urban planner and designer and works across the country on a variety of large-scale projects and has been an Independent Commissioner for over 10 years. Projects include new green field neighbourhoods, major urban growth plans, regeneration and redevelopment plans, and a large number of resource consents, designations and plan changes. A key area of interest is in how to better-quantify important concepts like "quality" or "attractive" in planning documents that frequently in planning

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