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Like you we are very disappointed to have had to postpone conference. We had great registration numbers and it was on track to be the biggest in recent years. The impact of postponement has been minimised thanks to the hard work the national office events team and the local conference support committee have put into building strong relationships with our conference suppliers. As a result, we have been able to transfer the majority of the conference expenses to the 2021 event. We have incurred costs for conference services we have already used such as the design of the conference materials, however these costs will result in reduced costs for these services for the 2021 conference as they work should not need to be redone, merely tweaked to fit the postponed event.

We are extremely appreciative to our suppliers and sponsors for their support.

We are also thankful to all the members who were registered at the time of postponement for their support while we have worked through the process of refunding or transferring their registrations and we look forward to seeing you in Nelson in 2021.

We encourage you to download the conference app as we will now be using this as a primary means of updates about the conference.

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