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Housing affordability and planning 

How can we make our cities more accessible, sustainable and competitive for future generations?

Thursday 2 April

Many New Zealand’s cities have become increasingly expensive against regional peers while wages have lagged behind. For would-be urban residents, life in our biggest and fastest growing cities can mean either a lifetime of debt or long periods spent commuting and not with family. Planning matters tremendously to these issues, but what exactly can we do about it?  


In this presentation, Geoff Cooper from PwC and Jym Clark from the Ministry for the Environment will present some of the economic work supporting the proposed National Policy Statement on Urban Development, and discuss some of the fundamental trade-offs we are making through urban planning policy. 


The proposed NPS-UD is being prepared jointly by the Ministry for the Environment and the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development. 

Presenters:  Geoff Cooper and Jym Clark

Chief Economist,  PwC

Geoff Cooper is the Chief Economist of PwC. He has over a decade of global urban policy experience including with the United Nations, the United States Treasury and the Federal Reserve - and is a former Chief Economist for Auckland Council, where he worked on infrastructure, housing, regulation and financial policy. He is passionate about supporting New Zealand's cities to become more inclusive, sustainable and internationally competitive.

Senior Analyst, Ministry for the Environment

Jym Clark is a Senior Analyst at the Ministry for the Environment and Member of the NZPI. He has over a decade of experience as a planner with the City of Toronto and Auckland Council where he worked on affordable housing policy and implementation, rezoning and drafting for the Auckland Unitary Pan as well as integrating the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi into planning outcomes. He is committed to making our cities more affordable and meaningful for all to live in. 


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