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Emerging Planners Congress


Tuesday 31st March,  

Where would a career in planning take me and how rewarding would this be to meet the objectives of my life?  I really wish this question was posed to me at university, or earlier in my career, or actually at any time. Surely as a profession I would be guided by mentors to help navigate my career in a direction where I can be fulfilled.

Having 20+ years of experience in NZ as an Environmental Planner has had rewards that I never dreamt of when I reflect on my past roles, but little did I know that the navigation skills needed for growing from a Graduate to Principal Planner would be critical to opportunities and 'hard yards' I was to encounter. This presentation will reflect on the learnings and help guide all planners to better navigate planning careers.  The presentation will draw on the experiences of technical work, leadership, management, projects (failures and successes) and the career differences between the regulatory role and that of a consultant. Fundamentally it will provide example tools and systems to help planners discover their real purpose as a Planner providing greater resilience (retention) in our planning industry.


Hamish wishes to share his career learning, from the perspective of regulatory roles, consultancy roles, team leader roles, management roles, mentorship roles, and that of his recent commercial sales role.  This presentation will be delivered in a context applicable to Planners that require access to or the use of tools to better navigate their careers paths.  This is intended to help not only gradates but also the seasoned Planners who find themselves searching for their purpose, direction and where the true values of a Planner can be realised.

Presenters:  Hamish Peacock

Technical Director - Planning, Pattle Delamore Partners

Hamish Peacock has 24 years' planning experience in New Zealand.  Relevant to this presentation is the learnings from Hamish's career, the mentoring he received that helped him, the mentoring he now provides, the project learnings, and the different roles he has performed. Hamish has worked for Waimakariri District Council and four consultant businesses.  In May 2019 he finished a role as the Inside Sales Manager for Jacobs to take up a Technical Director (Planning) role for PDP.

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