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Emerging Planners Congress Keynote Speaker


Senior Lecturer in Urban Planning, University of Melbourne & Deputy Director of the Informal Urbanism Research Hub.

Dr Crystal Legacy is a Senior Lecturer in Urban Planning at the University of Melbourne where she is also the Deputy Director of the Informal Urbanism Research Hub. As a former recipient of an Australian Research Council (DECRA) Fellowship, Crystal has published widely on the topics of urban transport, strategic planning and urban policy. Her current research examines the governance and policy challenges of planning future urban transport, and the politics of citizen participation in infrastructure planning. Crystal is the inaugural chair of the Progressive Planners Network based in Melbourne and is heavily involved in grassroots based efforts to build greater social, spatial and ecological justice into the planning of future transport systems.


Engaging with the politics of planning: what does it mean for our practice?

In this session, we will explore the politics of our practice and what it means for emerging planners. We will consider the multiple ways politics is performed in policy, practice and in the neighbourhoods and communities we work in. Guiding the discussion will be questions about who wins and who loses in the planning of cities and places, and who gets to decide the futures we plan for. Reflecting on our collective work, and the challenges that lie ahead for the 2020s including climate change, the discussion will focus on building solidarity in the profession and building solidarity with the communities we engage with and how this might assist in creating more just, sustainable and kinder cities and places.

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