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What can planners learn from architects, engineers, lawyers and scientists about adapting their professional practice to the modern world

Wednesday 1 April,  

Planners work with a range of professionals, but what do we know about how these professions are changing due to new technology and digital disruption. It is vital we understand our colleagues if we are to work together to provide good social and environmental outcomes for our communities.

In this panel discussion, we hear from an architect, an engineer, a scientist and a lawyer. What are the key technologies changing their practice? How does this change the professional skill set? How do these new technologies improve or change practice, and can they offer the same in planning? How do these new ways of working impact on interactions with the planning profession?

This session starts with a short presentation to provide an overview of how emerging technology is changing these other professions. This allows us to both better understand our colleagues, but to also reflect on how we respond to these emerging technologies in our own practice. The panel discussion is firmly centred on the changing skill set of the professional, rather than the technology itself. It explores concepts of digital competency such as information and data literacy, collaboration and communication, and digital content creation. There will also be the ability for panellists to answer questions from the audience.

This session has the following learning outcomes:

  • Greater awareness of the way that the professions we work with most are changing

  • Understanding what technological tools and trends are behind this change

  • Understanding and supporting reflection on our digital competencies and how we practice as planners

  • Discussion on the impact on collaboration and communication between these professions

Presenters:  Christine Coste & Panel

Director, RMA Digital

Christine has 20 years experience as a planner and is an accredited resource management decision-maker. Christine founded RMA Digital to deliver insightful solutions to the challenges of practicing in a digital world. She helps resource management practitioners to evolve their professional skills to make best use of modern technology. Christine is passionate about making digital transformation achievable, accessible and engaging.


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