SESSION THEME | Social Values


How community and tiny homes fit into the planning process

Wednesday 1 April,  9:30am - 10:00am

The co-incident rise of the housing crisis with environmental and social issues has given birth to a new movement working towards inclusive, affordable, sustainable housing which is being led by community-focused groups rather than traditional developers.

This paper gives an overview of many of the alternative development models, introduces social enterprises and the new incorporated societies associated with Alternative Development Models and Tiny Homes and aims to reduce the uncertainty than can be associated with dealing with a community-based developer.

The challenges that exist with the RMA, District Plans Unit Titles legislation will be outlined and suggested improvements to remove unnecessary barriers.

The authors have extensive and international perspective on the topic that will place the local movement in the world context and show the deep body of knowledge that local groups are drawing on with their proposals.

Presenters:  Ian McComb & Greer O'Donnell

Project Facilitator, Small Time Developments Limited

Ian is a civil/environmental engineer who last position was Planning Advisor for Tasman District Council. He is now self employed as a developer of sustainable affordable communities. His journey started with the formation of a housing co-operative in 1991.


Bio will be available here soon.


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