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Planning beyond the RMA with the Auckland Council Regulatory Department

Wednesday 1 April,  

Auckland Councils Regulatory Department works collaboratively with Kāinga Ora to deliver quality social housing at scale and pace by leading and championing new initiatives and creating a new way of working.

Across the 2018/19 financial year, the Auckland Council Regulatory Department worked alongside Housing New Zealand (HNZ) to complete the construction of 1,461 new homes. A staggering feat achieved by fostering positive cross industry relationships, leading and championing change and challenging our traditional way of working.

At Auckland Council, we have created a new way of doing things to enable positive change to processes and deliver quality outcomes within tight timeframes. By cultivating an ongoing relationship with Kāinga Ora, Auckland Council has challenged standard processes to deliver much needed social housing and create a new approach to collaborative working relationships.

The key elements of change:

  • Emphasising the importance of the overall vision - providing quality social housing in a timely and cost-effective manner;

  • Understanding the government role - that Kāinga Ora's status as a government housing developer may challenge council's traditional ways of working;

  • Championing process improvements across Council in different disciplines;

  • Reinforcing the value of collaboration and a positive ongoing working relationship;

  • Creating a dedicated consenting team to provide reliable, timely and consistent processing and consenting advice;

  • Signing an MOU to commit to two-way performance discussions to achieve high quality applications and processing experience.

Presenter:  Samantha Gibbs

Co-Author:  Jeremy Wyatt

Principal Project Lead, Premium Resource Consents, Auckland Council Premium Resource Consents

Sam is a Principal Project Lead in the Premium Consents team (Auckland Council). Sam has 8 years experience across both the private and public sector. Sam's current position involves leading the Auckland Housing Programme on behalf of the Auckland Council resource consents department, and along with her colleague Jeremy Wyatt, leading a dedicated team of planners and engineers to process Housing Programme applications. Sam has a Bachelor of Planning (Hons) from UoA 


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