He waka eke noa – A canoe which we are all in


NZPI invites planners and allied professionals to the 2021 NZPI conference in Nelson/ Whakatū. The conference theme champions the planning profession to excel by considering the broader role of planning in today’s environment and explores ways to develop the profession as a thought leader guiding the strategic direction of New Zealand. 

The streams of Values / Voices / Vision will address and consider how planners listen to the many voices and sets of values represented in our increasingly diverse communities throughout New Zealand. How we respect and respond to those multiple voices and values is essential in setting out a vision for the kind of society and environments we wish to plan for.

Join us in Nelson/Whakatū (Te Tau Ihu ō te Waka a Māui - the prow of Māui’s waka), to take stock of the wealth of experience and expertise we hold collectively as a profession. Reflect on past and foreseeable future challenges and opportunities planners face in transforming voices and values into bold visions for 2021 and beyond.
The role of the planning profession has never been more important. 

24 - 26 March 2021

Trafalgar Centre, Nelson
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We hope you can join us!

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VALUES / VOICES / VISION  -  24 - 26  March, Nelson ...


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Planning is a respected profession, essential to achieving a better New Zealand.

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